giovedì 28 gennaio 2010

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger - nuovi DLC disponibili (personaggi Unlimited)

Sono da oggi disponibili in rete (per ora su Xbox Live e a breve anche su Playstation Store) nuovi DLC per BlazBlue Calamity Trigger, nella forma delle versioni Unlimited di tutti i rimanenti personaggi del cast per i quali tale "power up" non era presente nel gioco originale. Eccovi la lista delle abilità/proprietà delle versioni Unlimited (fonte forum di

-All specials are now the D version whenever performed and don't require Heat.
-D Hishouken does 9 hits.
-Icecar has bouncing properties.
-Fubuki and Sekkajin freeze.
-6D & 2D have 3 pillars instead of one.
-Touga Hyoujin fires 2 ice waves. DOUBLE REPPUKEN!
-Hiyoku Getsumei does more hits.

-Can do more hits with Chain Revolver.
-Some specials that require Chain Revolver can be done instantly.
-Fenrir fires more bullets at the end.
-Thor fires 5 missiles instead of bullets

-Has Super Armor.
-Can now run and airdash forward (speed boosts up with time while running).
-Drive moves come out faster.
-2D does more hits and goes further.
-Has 2 Spark Bolts.
-GETB is now HCB+C and has super-magnetism when magnetized.

-Kitty Litter Special throws 3 of each item.
-Can now chain any move into any other move.
-I'mma Beat The Crap Outta You = Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru.
-Hexa-Edge goes further and does more hits and can now be used in the air. .

-Is super-fast in the air.
-Y=Two Dash goes further and does more hits.
-Fires MULTIPLE bugs when enemy is cursed. The screen literally fills up with shit flying everywhere.

-Has 20 Nails instead of 12.
-All physical special moves add to FRKZ counter.
-Void Tempest Bang Drop does 4 hits and ends with Bang Drop EX. Same thing the other way around.

-Her dash is now a teleport when she has her staff on her.
-Staff moves faster.
-3 Dragons segments go further and do more hits.
-All Green fires 4 Power Geysers in front of her.

-Is slower, but Nirvana is super fast and has increased defenses.
-Fuoco goes fullscreen and does more hits.
-Rhapsody of Memories does more hits.

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